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Hello from LOS ANGELES!

Hello from LOS ANGELES!

First Blog Post 

Hi Everyone!

I am writing to you on my first night in my Los Angeles apartment ;) I just wanted to say that I am so excited and a little nervous to be starting my own blog. I've always wanted to have my own blog to make a footprint and a positive contribution to the acting community as well as expand my own creative horizons. But I've always had the fear that I will run out of things to say or write about. That's where you guys come in- I would love to get everyone's input in the comments section on topics they would like for me to address or write about. This way we can spice things up.

I will be having a new blog entry every two weeks, and I plan on having guest writers as well as eventually expanding into a video blog. I really view this as an opportunity to share my own experiences as well as foster positive discussions about being an actor, life as a new college grad, and everything in between. If you want to get an update everytime there's a new blog entry, be sure to follow me on FaceBook and Twitter

Onwards to the first entry:

Top 5 Initial Impressions of Hollywood

Hollywood Sign

1. Everyone Here is an Actor

Okay, maybe not EVERYONE. But almost everyone here is in the entertainment/media industries. Everytime I go to the gym or a restaurant, I can totally spot out who is an actor or not. And usually, that is 90 percent of the people around me. I was at a coffee shop the other day drinking coffee and eavesdropping a little. There was a group of 5 agents sitting next to me on the left, some screenwriters and producers on my right, and two actors talking about starting a web series standing behind me in line. I'm pretty sure the barista was an actor a well ;)

2. Know Your Type

Agents and managers here seem to stress more about knowing your type and what shows you could go out for. At all the agent/manager meetings I have attended, they want to know right off the bat that you know exactly where you fit in. All the reps I met were very impressed that I had a solid grasp of where I fit in. For me, this meant being prepared. For them, this meant they could count on me to help make their jobs a little easier. After all, they get a 10 percent commission...I should do 90 percent of the work.

3. Age Range

In New York, I was not often asked about my age range. Even when asked, I got the sense that it mattered a little less. Especially since there are 35 year old actors playing teenagers in Broadway and Off-Broadway theaters. Here in LA, this was perhaps the second question that would be asked, and it played a big role in determining what shows I was right for.

4. Space

I was in such awe walking around some of these big agencies and management companies. I had gotten used to the lack of space in NYC, so I was literally shocked when I would be interviewed by agents and managers in HUGE conference rooms with marble tables and TV projectors. Plus, I was even offered a glass of water while I waited at one ;) It does seem like the recurring theme in LA is "more". More actors, more casting offices, more agencies, more space, more opprtunities (hopefully), etc.

5. Looks Driven

When I was in NY and thinking about moving to LA, I had heard that LA is very "looks-driven". It definitely is the case in NY, but it would seem that in LA they really base most of their decision based off of your look and the market you would fit in. At many of my meetings with reps, I wasn't even asked to do a scene, monologue, or commercial copy. This is in contrast to NY where I believe I was always asked to perform first and then discuss my marketability second. It's all good though ;)


So these are just my experiences and opinions having been around LA for only a couple days. I think my next blog post (coming in 2 weeks) will focus on the different lifestyles between LA and NY, and the following blog post will focus on my experience as an actor fresh out of college and the challenges and joys of it. 

I would love to hear about YOUR experiences in the "Comment" box below. What were your Top 5 Impressions of the city you are living in now? 


Brian ;)


Submitted by Aleesha Nash on

Hi Brian, 

Love your first post and learning more about the LA process. You said youmwantednsome suggestions on topics... I think that it would be great to learn more about how you discovered your type and then the evidence that you were right and how you / what you do to develop that and articulate to others :) 



Submitted by bchin on

Thanks Aleesha so much for your comments. I really appreciate it! ;) And will definitely cover your suggestions in the coming posts.



Submitted by michelle on

Hey Brian break a leg out there! 

Rooting for ya!

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